Françoise imagines, creates, and stages the unusual and unexpected.

Where exhibited during Art Week:  Art Without Borders Miami International Exhibition at Gallery 212 Miami

2407 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33127. Exhibition Preview November 12, 2016 Runs through December 14, 2016

Opening Night Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 7-9pm
Contact for Sales & Information: Michael Perez at Gallery 212 Miami; 516-532-3040 //

Françoise Hauck is a French artist, designer and painter living in Camargue, in Southern France. Françoise was born in St-Etienne (France) where she started studying art. Turning 18, she moved to Lyon, the city of light, and from then on, she never stopped creating.
Riding the industrial renaissance of Lyon, she started her career as a creative entrepreneur, founding the “Blue Avril” label and company. Françoise designed sets and decors for theaters and events, mural paintings for advertising, or mosaics for interior spaces, collaborating with architects, advertising agencies and production houses. Her production was diverse, intuitive and built on mixing materials: papier-mâché, metal, wood, brick, paint and anything deemed necessary.
15 years later, feeling a need to focus back on her strong passion for painting, she decided to move on to Southern France, in the heart of Camargue, between sea and land. Françoise’s love story with Camargue is a lifelong thread, started when she traveled there with her family during the Summer. Attracted by the colors and lights of this wilderness area of France, she located her workshop in Aigues-Mortes, a city with a thousand year of history.
Françoise’s paintings are free, unconstrained, vivid and colorful. Through her paintings, Françoise follows her instinct, expresses and shares her emotions. She fills them in her paintings and often adds a word or two, hinting a way through her dreams and highlighting the path of her creativity. She likes to focus on everyday life scenes, to reinterpret them and to show the joyful aspects of life.
As in her earlier time in Lyon, she explores all means of creation, plays with themes and technics, transforming and mingling colors and matters ever since. She mostly paints on canvases and soft vinyl. On her canvas, she tends to apply the most ardent colors drawn from life’s events and gifts. On vinyl, she follows a much lighter and softer approach, thereby providing an ambiguous identity to her paintings. This approach creates oppositions in her work, between calm and intensity, between the density of colors and the lightness of traces.