Graffiti Tendencies by Gabriel Ventura


Artist Gabriel Ventura aka “Yikes” from Brooklyn, NYC Featured in Art Without Borders Miami (1 Year) in the International Exhibition group show during Miami Art Basel 2016

Artist Statement
 I create artwork because it’s my passion. Art has given me life. I was hit by a car at the age of 14. Being injured opened my eyes and mind to the world of art. Art gave me a new purpose to what I wanted to do, and in a harsh way I found my true nature.
The materials I choose to work with vary from spray paint, ink, gouache, acrylic , etc. I like to completely cover my canvas with color. It’s meant to distract the viewer's eyes to jump all over the canvas.The viewer is not meant to  just look at one spot, and only have a few favorite areas. The audience is meant to dive into it, and become immersed by the anarchic designs. 
In recent years, I have challenged myself to incorporate more details within my abstract designs. There is still the element of chaos, but with a focal point. I am really interested with patterns and geometric shapes. Circles, line work, and honeycomb patterns are a few repeating themes within my recent works. 
Since I am continuously changing my technique, I have realized  that artists should always dabble in different styles of artwork. It is important to an artist’s growth, by challenging what they know, and possibly exposing their untapped talents. There is a whole world of materials to use. We should grab a hold of all of them, and see what can be created.Type your paragraph here.

Where exhibited during Art Week:  Art Without Borders Miami International Exhibition at Gallery 212 Miami
2407 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33127. Exhibition Opens November 30, 2016 VERNISSAGE 7-9pm
Contact for Sales & Information: Gallery 212 Miami; 516-532-3040 // info@ArtWithoutBorders.Miami