Where exhibited during Art Week:  Art Without Borders Miami International Exhibition at Gallery 212 Miami

2407 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33127. Exhibition Opens November 12, 2016 - December 14, 2016
Contact for Sales & Information: Michael Perez at Gallery 212 Miami; 516-532-3040 //


Artist Name:  ​Jeff Cross  //  Eureka, CA // Medium Used: Acrylic and Automotive Spray Paint on Canvas // Style: Abstract 

Presenting Gallery: Gallery 212 Miami
Biography :: Jeff Cross is a 48 year old self-taught artist and musician. As a child, and throughout his high school years, he displayed a natural talent for drawing, character creation, and graphic art. He formalized his skills in the workforce as a graphic artist, and  many years as a traditional signpainter. The skills and techniques he learned in these industries are evidenced in the graphic quality of his artwork. Bold colors and strong lines are staple elements that can be found universally in his work.  Now painting full-time, Jeff resides with his wife, Sequoya, who is a leader in the solar energy industry, in the far reaches of Northern California, along the rugged coast where the Pacific Ocean meets groves of 300 foot tall Redwood trees.  Gallery 212 Miami welcomes a rising star in his debut exhibition.​